OVER THE YEARS, Harry Monk's Fizbin Drop grew to become the Famous Fizbin, the Fabulous Fizbin, and finally the Fizbin Follies; but, it was still the original sleight that intrigued magicians. Because of copyright restrictions, we cannot show you the exact moves of the Fizbin Drop (the Monk family, quite rightly, insist you buy Harry's book); BUT, we can show you variations that were produced by other famous magicians.

Below are photographs taken from three different angles of the preliminary move:

No magician ever came close to matching Harry Monk's successful performance. The pictures below show the final phase of the Drop being done by the two magicians who got the nearest to Monk's perfection.
On the left is a photo of Charles Bertram, on the right Max Malini.

Not one of Harry Monk's competitors ever guessed the esoteric secret which allowed him to keep the Fizbin Drop his own property. What was it? Well, the Association of International Magical Spectators has now solved the mystery. As a world exclusive, we are disclosing the answer here on the internet. How can you see it? Just.....